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1    Introduction
 In this document” Us” (Find a lion website) “You” (organizers, attendees, users) are being identified. This Privacy Statement has been set out to inform that any personal data we collect from you, or that you provide to us, will be processed by us to maintain the usability of the website.  This is your chance to read and understand the all aspects what you getting into.
Find a ion, Australian business registered under ABN. 72273044080 registered to contact E- mail:
The “services”  we offer may need the access of particular software time to time offered by find a lion through or conjunction with another website. The services (software programs) that we provide are safely tested and only directed to serve its purpose. Please check the usability and adaptability of your machine before using the services provided. 
All users must note that we cannot provide customer support using the site or it’s functionalities over the phone. Please contact us using the contact us form on the site or by email for all membership or user stranded enquiries.
By using the Website services and all its functionalities, you give your consent to the uses’ indicated in this Privacy Policy. 
We act as a Middle man to promote all sorts of events/prayer groups/business/trades/buy and sell goods/find good quality services/write blogs about anything you like to share it with the community & group activities. We provide a secure method to buy tickets online for all the above mentioned activities (if any available) at any location through Find a lion web. 
If you are attending an event organised through the Website, the event organizer is the one who is in charge of the whole event and all of its advertised content. If you are buying a ticket/coupon/deal you will be abided by the product originators’ particular terms and conditions of the use of that product. If you are looking at cars/houses/books & clothing advertised, the individual person who originated the product or service will be the person who is in charge of that data.  We hope you all understand and be briefed about the regulations that we have set out to protect everyone’s interest and to avoid any fraudulent activities. 
2    It’s your call to accept this Privacy Statement; if not don’t use the website (find a lion). 
Using Find a lion Website you will accept this Privacy Statement. If you do not, then simply discontinue the use of this Website. We reserve the right to modify/change/omit this at any given time or day. If you decide to use of any portion of the Website following notification or posting of such accordance with changes and will constitute your acceptance of those changes.
3    we may collect the following information from you
•    Information that you provide to us when using this Website. 
This includes information provided at the time of registering to use this Website, subscribing to our services or purchasing goods, posting material or requesting further services. We may also ask you for information when you enter a competition or promotion sponsored by us or when you report a problem with the Website.
•    If you contact us for any reason, we may keep a record of that correspondence.
•    We may also ask you to complete surveys that we use for research purposes, although you do not have to respond to them.
• More information may be required from time to time from any owner of an event or business to maintain well balanced communication between the involved parties.
4    why we use your information  
  In order to make sure you are fully aware of what is being advertised and that you truly understand your material being used and advertised.
• In order to make sure if there are any changes, you would adhere to it promptly and without any misunderstandings.
• In order to make sure you will be bound by our policy procedures and adhere to the signed contracts by you with us.
• In order to inform you of the important material that may be of interest to you and your organization.
• In order to make sure that you will carry out obligations that you have signed with us. 
5. Safeguarding Personal Information
• Find a lion respects individual's privacy and will protect that privacy as vigorously as possible. Find a lion stores all personal information in electronic and physical forms depending what sort of use we have with the stored data. It will be kept in a secure and access restricted areas. We use Php directories software to store information and only the strict site administration team have access to this section. 
6. Information sharing with our social media networks;
We have signed up with more than 12 different major social media networks and we will be sharing your advertisements including any images provided. If you have any objections to this please do not advertise with us.
7.All new customers and existing ones will be contacted via electronic means (such as email, voicemail or SMS) with information about goods and services of similar nature.
We will not be selling your information to another third party organization unless if we get your written or verbal authority to get that under way. If and at the time of a merger or business being sold these terms may well be changed; refer to our main site’s terms and conditions for more information. 
Please see our main site ( terms and condition in regards following matters
Security/disclosure of information/cookies/your responsibilities once registered as a user/information usage/contact details
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