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Features All you can eat for free Gladiator Gold Member
Within the list Of categories you can chose (ie, advertise your personal items unlimited in trader section or upload your resume if you looking for work- @ 'RESUME BAR': Category Limit: 1 5 10
Ads. Will in our Featured section Featured:
Allow image files to be uploaded that will be displayed in listing results and on listing detail pages. This is the primary Image of your items being advertised Main Image:
Allow your website addrerss to entered. Enables a website link on the listings. Website:
The maximum number of characters to allow in your advertisement or promotion. This will appers in search results with the main image. Short Description Size: 300 500 500
The maximum number of characters to allow in listing descriptions. This will appers in advertisement details page as your full description. Description Size: 2000 2000 2500
A text editor will be available for listing descriptions when adding/editing listings rather than a plain text. So you can decorate your description text by using such as colors / font size and etc. HTML Editor:
The maximum number of keywords to allow for listings. Thgis is very useful for search engine (Google / Yahoo and Etc.) optimisation Keywords Limit: 0 10 15
Allow phone numbers to be displayed/entered. Phone:
Allow fax numbers to be displayed/entered. Fax:
Allow addresses to be displayed/entered. Address:
Allow post codes to be displayed/entered. Post Code:
This will enables the 'Google Map' of you location in details page. Map:
Allow email addresses to be entered. Enables a link to an email form on listings allowing visitors to submit a message to listing owners. Email:
Enables a link to a form allowing a visitor to email the listings details they are viewing to another email address (a friend). Email to a Friend:
Allow listings to be downloaded in PDF format. Enables a link on the listing detail pages to download the listing PDF. PDF:
Allow visitors or other members to submit reviews for the listings. Enables Add Review and View Reviews links on the listing detail pages. Reviews:
Allow visitors to add ratings to listings. Enables a star rating graphic that can be clicked to submit a rating. Ratings:
Allow visitors to submit listing suggestions. Enables a link on listing detail pages that displays a form to submit a suggestion. Suggestions are then viewable in the administrative area. Suggestions:
Number of images that can upload to your advertisement or promotion. Number of Images: 4 6 10
Number of other documnets (such as word, excel, powerpont, pdf etc) that can upload to your advertisement or promotion. Number of Documents: 1 2 5
META Keywords Limit: 10 15 20
META Title Size: 10 10 15
META Description Size: 10 10 15
Pricing: Term: Lifetime
Price: Free

Term: 14 Day(s)
Price: $4.50

Term: 28 Day(s)
Price: $7.50