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Find a lion promotes your business on social media
Local directory, Free to advertise website, Melbourne classifieds, free ad posts,

  • Local directory, Free to advertise website, Melbourne classifieds, free ad posts,
  • Find a lion promotes your business on social media
  • Local directory, Free to advertise website, Melbourne classifieds, free ad posts,
  • Local directory, Free to advertise website, Melbourne classifieds, free ad posts,
  • find a lion
  • Local directory, Free to advertise website, Melbourne classifieds, free ad posts,
  • Find a lion promotes your business on social media
  • Find a lion promotes your business on social media
  • Find a lion promotes your business on social media
  • Find a lion promotes your business on social media

Terms and conditions


1. User agreement (items marked in red not converted)
1.1. This agreement is formed between “user” you,” the visitor” to Find a Lion, “us” ”we” “our”(ABN 72273044080) of
 1.2. By surfing or using Find a Lion and any of its functionalities, you will be abided by Find a Lion’s terms and conditions to protect everyone’s interest. This document stands as the legal document between us and user (individual & businesses) for all services and functionalities. 
1.3. Find a Lion may modify this agreement time to time and such modifications shall be effective immediately upon posting the modified agreement on the website. Most importantly, when posting advertisements, coupons, deals, events, reviews & other promotional material need to be abided by the current, updated version of the terms and conditions agreement.
1.4. Our profits: 1/3 of our total profits made from Find a lion will be donated to charity services equally divided between Plan, World Vision & Oxfam. If you have any regrets, objections about the above policy please do not use this site. Find a lion is committed to make the world a better place. 
2. Registration
2.1. You need to register with us to advertise, blog, promote deals, sell or buy. Individual agreements between us and you will be drawn accordingly depending on what you want to do with us. Personal details are very important when signing up (registering process- create account) with Find a Lion. We will delete, remove & restrict if any of the information provided by you, if they found to be incorrect or included by robots.   
 2.2. Any user cannot use someone else’s account details to advertise, promote, blog or for anything. We will not accept any responsibility for any damages caused or actioned for any posting created by using fraudulent information.
2.3. Please provide your correct details when registering (e- mail/phone/address/ business details). All users agree to maintain current contact details updated accurately. We will not be responsible or accept any damages caused in an event, if found your provided details are not correct.
2.4. Find a Lion will not be responsible if someone else uses your account password and user name: they are only available for you and only you can maintain them and change them. Find a Lion will endeavour to provide the best of online security available. You can reset/change your password at any given occasion and you must contact us immediately if you need assistance in changing password or registration details. This process should take place ASAP the moment that you find out that there is an issue with your account. Simply log in to your account a go to view/edit account ->change password.
3. Use of credit cards (Legal issues)- store section XXX
3.1. When purchasing, you must provide your current TRUE details (your name, address details and credit card details). You have to be 18 and over unless you get written authority to prove your purchase from the rightful owner. If a minor uses a credit card and make a purchase, Find a lion can/will take legal action and seek compensation for such losses from the parents or guardians if the transaction needs rectifying.  (More information will be added soon) 
3.2. Valid credit cards must be used at all given times.  
4. Service agreement- (cancellation procedure) 
4.1. Find a lion will/can change the site according to sudden changes or updates of the markets, common virus threats & government regulations on internet security. There may be difficulty at times accessing our website due to the type of software and internet security measures we may use without prior notice. However, we will list on FAQ’s to assist you to get back on your surfer mode (example updating your browser, firewalls & antivirus software). You are most welcome to contact us if you need further assistance.
4.2. Additionally, the moment we find out that you have breached our rules and regulations we will take immediate action to suspend and restrict your accessibility. Further, we will block your account from using it ever again (conditions apply). We may even not let you log in again or create another account and we will not be liable to you or to any other third party if any damages.
5. Disclaimer
5.1. We will provide one of the best community websites for your usage with the best of security possible to guard your online safety. However,   we cannot guarantee that our website will function without errors, faults or without any disruptions. Find a lion will not be liable for any of the following additions.  
5.1.1. Repetitive breakdowns, errors, mistakes or inaccuracies on the website;
5.1.2. Your presentation, or failing to act, on any information contained on or referred to on the website and/or any linked website;
5.1.3. Injuries personal/general or any sort or property damage of any nature resulting from your access to, and use of, the website and any purchases of goods or services acquired through the website ( the individual sellers, promoters owners of that particular product needs to be contacted upon conflict resolutions, unless a product or service listed by find a lion.)
5.1.4 Harmful, insulting, offensive or fraudulent conduct of any user of the website;
5.1.5. Unauthorised access, use of our secure servers, personal, general information, financial information stored on those servers, any interruption and any termination of transmission to or from our website at any given time.
5.1.7. Any hacking activities, bugs, viruses, Trojan horses or other any sort of malicious code or communications which may be communicated or through our website by any third party;
5.1.8. Failures in relation to the merchantability or fitness for any purpose of any goods or services offered or provided on any linked sites including spam.
5.02   Our guarantee for the products sold here on find a lion.
Find a lion has selected businesses who are selling items directly through our site: these sellers come with a guarantee, which is their money will not be released from find a lion until the respective goods received by the buyers. Buyers’ confirmation upon receiving the goods will be highly regarded. If we don’t hear back from the buyers within 24 hrs about the confirmation of delivery, we will close the deal and the monies will be realised to the sellers.     
5.02 Goods, services or tickets that are advertised by separate businesses; 
We will not be responsible or take authority for any selling of goods & services advertised on our site. The quality of the goods and services are only belongs to the sellers and you have to take it up with the specific sellers for any faults or complaints. 
We will NOT provide a dispute resolution service on find a lion. However, you are most welcome to inform the community with your valued thoughts about the products or services that you have used.  
5.2.1. In regards to the items advised in our store section; (clothing accessories, electrical accessories etc.) are covered by Gst. and admin charges, which if there any will be applied at the checkout section ( Unless government decides to add Gst on line sales). We use the world’s safest cheapest payment gateway to provide the best possible service there is available. All advertised items are “what you see” or “as it is“.  
If anyone decides to buy any advertised item, will need to provide required all personal information (create an account on our store section). Once you provide all necessary information, you can use that same information (username and password) each time you return to the store section. If you are visiting find a lion only to buy tickets then only create and account at the store section. Store section is separated with the main site. Store is connected to the main site but it has added security measures due to shopping cart feature involved. This is same as you create an account to advertise or do any of the activities listed on find a lion web.    
5.3 We will not accept any responsibility for any losses or damages caused (individuals/businesses) to you or your organization as a result of using our site to buy or sell goods, services without checking its individual terms. Find a lion will only take responsibility permitted by law as to e- commerce law regulations stands.
5.4. We do allow only legitimate products and services to go on our site and we do guarantee them that they are true products advertised by the sellers; if and to the extent only required by law, we do not warrant, endorse, guarantee or assume responsibility for any goods or services advertised, offered by or acquired from a third party through the website or any linked website or featured in any banner or other advertising.
5.4.1 The personal goods and services (items/jobs/houses/rentals/etc.) listed on the trader section; 
We will not be a party to or in any way responsible or take charge for monitoring or solicitation any transaction between you and third party providers of goods/services.
5.5. Where any law (including the Australian Consumer Law and the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 indicates a warranty into any sort of product or services advertised; this agreement which may not be lawfully excluded, then to the extent allowed by law, our capacity of liability for breach of the warranty will be limited to the minimum remedy provided for in that law to all goods and services advertised/listed. To the extent permissible by law that liability will not exceed the price paid to find a lion by you for the voucher/coupon/deal.
5.6. Services offered or rendered by the providers may be of an integrally perilous or dangerous nature or needs attributed skills, qualifications to be influenced by users. Before you book or partake of any such service you should inform yourself of the risks and or specific skills or qualifications involved and they should all be abided by our terms and conditions. 
5.7. We leave all to your responsibility to make all necessary efforts to cover yourself. This may include your own personal liability insurance to cover yourself for your actions and reactions. This should cover all your products and services and coupons/advertising materials before proceeding with any placement or use of our services, Find a lion will not accept any responsibility to this extent.
5.8. Find a lion will not allow free or paid advertising to any similar websites appealing to the same market directly or indirectly (free advertising to any competitor). Unless the third party willing to share our links and information on their respective website (conditions apply). 
6. Usage of website by you or your company/business.
6.1. Agreement (Our terms and conditions) should be with you to access or try to access any part of the website. This means that the users/visitors/ surfers cannot use other platforms (illegal entries through our servers) other than through our provided interface to access to our website.
6.2. You firmly agree that you will not undertake any activity that interfere any form or way that may disrupts/hacks the Find a lion website. Moreover, the servers/networks/templates that host of Find a lion website will not be interfered with above stated efforts to disrupt it’s existence.  If we found that you have/will or intending to do so; we will take legal action against you to our maximum capacity. Additionally, screen scraping, mining, robots, any similar data collecting extraction methods should not be used without getting our written authority to do so. Same principle applies when accessing our security features and attempting to break into our website or initiating programs to replicate our concept. You will agree that you will not even attempt to fiddle or try to hack our essential servers.
6.3. In the event if we find that you have used our services or our site to promote or refer suspected fraudulent, abusive or illegal activity; we may raise the issue immediately to applicable law enforcement authorities to take action. This is to safeguard, protect all users and general public in pure interest of creating most secure and safe place to advertise, trade, write reviews and to be searched or to be found.
6.4 Use of our free advertising will allow anyone with a legitimate business to come on board with us or simply list their business for free of charge (strictly for a limited time only). The use of free incentive only limited to our specific sections (business/events/trader/word on the street/prayer groups & Lion’s Den).  
6.5 We have the rights to refuse or suspend any listing and we will not necessarily provide you with a reason.We have the rights to refuse or suspend any listing and we will not necessarily provide you with a reason

Special conditions on promoting goods and services

We do not promote all listings due to the reasons below:

Adult services

Listings without proper information

Listings with incomplete information

Listings that are suspicious nature 

Our pricing policy 
Our policy is that in return for free advertising we expect all advertisers to contribute back to us if and when they make any sales through Find a lion. The contribution amount is 1% of any sales you make through us. We will monitor how many businesses will click your business and after monitoring one’s particular business for over 48 days and still we have not received any contribution, then we will endeavour to remove your listing with any relevant promotions listed. You will need to pay the full costs to get back in to Find a lion to re-advertise again if required. The full cost of the advertising is subject to change constantly. Alternately, you can pay a very small cost (refer to our constantly updating “membership section” for updated costs for listing your advertisement. Become a gladiator or a gold member and we will leave you alone with our pricing.  
7. Information advertised/ promoted on this website
7.1. Products, services, promotions, events, trading items, coupons, deals & word on the street (blogs) are promoted on Find a lion are purely based on the content supplied by the individuals themselves. Providers, sellers, promoters, manufacturers of these goods and services are classified as the data providers and they all must abide with the Find a lion policies and procedures. Additionally, find a lion does not independently check the accuracy of the information supplied or take/accepts any liability. It is your own risk and your own choice to use them and follow their links. Additionally, all users must understand and agree that except to the extent required by law, we do not accept liability in respect of errors or oversights caused by incorrect or inadequate information supplied to us or by suppliers or manufacturers for advertised material.
7.2. All users must agree that you have done your research before purchasing or undertaking any activity on our site.
 7.3. By accepting our terms and conditions you agree that;
Featured photographs in Find a lion web exemplified details/offers/special promotions those made available to you by the providers. Please take note they are only proposed indicative of the products/ services/features. When it comes to venues and locations where the advertised items are located, the buyers should be aware where those locations and venues are.  This simply means that the advertised or promoted items geographically may not be the venue or location applicable to you. You have to notice where and when that may relates to you or beneficiary to you;
Products/services may/will not available all over Australia many deals are available only in certain areas.
It is your duty to check the availability and location and time frame (expiry dates) before purchasing any items.
Any blogs/reviews you find on this site should be well read and understood before you make your own assumptions. Find a lion will not accept any responsibility for any part or comments or ideas written, promoted;
Providers/sellers/bloggers of certain types of services may execute circumstances as minimum age or other restrictions regarding weight, health or other information. It is your responsibility to gather information of any restrictions that may apply from the providers before purchasing goods, services or tickets.
Some of the products/services/promotions once appear on our site may not appear again or ever again. Please take note that you cannot hold us responsible for any missing items once viewed but not available any more.
Product menus/or any item lists are only subject to availability from the seller or the advertiser and you may need to contact or request any information direct from the publisher/advertiser about what is advertised and we cannot help or direct you to the right place or products or give explanations.  All products or services advertised are subject to availability and can change anytime accordingly.
8. Purchases/Orders from our Find a lion website
8.1 Some or all of the coupons/special promotions/events/deals listed on our site may carry special conditions or minimum number orders or dockets to be purchased/sold from our site before actually getting that product.  Most of the deals and coupons advertised are pre-determined by the originators on how and when they will be available to be taken or used. We have no control or authority over any pre-determined number of vouchers required to be purchased before the goods and services get delivered to you. The availability for purchase may be determined by third party suppliers/providers/promoters. Please refer to their products and service codes as required.
8.2. All orders/purchases through Find A lion, must be abided with the terms of this agreement (our website agreement), together with any third party supplier’s & provider’s specific terms and conditions at the price specified (including delivery and other charges): failure to comply may cause difficulties and then again it’s your duty to read and understand terms and conditions at all times.
9. All users of this site must take note the following
9.1 At any given time, if your order is rejected or no longer available and you credit card charged, we will provide a refund of any payment received. 
9.2 Most importantly, we reserve the rights to accept/reject your deals to acquire a voucher/event/promotion/personal advertisement or any blog/review posted for reasons including, but not limited to the incapacity to encounter minimum requirements referred to the following scenarios:
The unavailability of any product, service or deal, 
Error in the price or product description 
Error in your order
Unauthorized/ unacceptable presentation
Material published or advertised that may contain nudity or any form of pornographic material 
Material that may provoke any form or particular cultural/religion/party/group
Any item listed unethical and does not comply with Find a lion terms 
Once an order for a voucher is submitted, you cannot cancel your order.
9.1. Remember to look at the price very closely, the prices of goods and services delivery and other charges shown are in Australian dollars and include GST where applicable and it is your duty to note all charges involve before & after your purchase.
10. Purchases and final Payment
Payments must be received in full prior to a voucher being issued. 
We cannot and will NOT hold coupons/vouchers/tickets if you payment is not received or declined by your bank or credit card issuer. We will not only cancel your order but also notify the merchant not to issue you with the product or services, which respectively fails the delivery.  
How to get access to your coupon/voucher/tickets
Once payment confirmed, your coupon/voucher/tickets (goods/services as shown) will be accessible via your account on find a lion or will be E-mailed to your nominated E mail account. Goods will be delivered according to the specific dates and times notes on the actual advertisement. The copy of online purchased services should be taken to the venue or location to show the proof of purchase with your photo id and credit card used to purchase online (restaurant vouchers or tickets for events). 
When at the store/ the restaurant/business when you go to get the product ID must be presented and validated with photo ID:
All merchants/originators should view and confirm the above on product delivery and should keep some form of record. 
Customers should know: we cannot help if you decided to show up without your printed online purchased voucher accordance with your unique form of photo identification but to reject your order/entry:
The business owners have all rights to decline your purchase inclined with the above reasons involved:  disputed resolution cannot be offered at the end of the day. 
We here to help only: please note we will not be responsible or held responsible during these situations:
During the delivery of any voucher/coupon/tickets we will not be responsible for any loss/damage occurred during the following instances;
a. Due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control (incorrect e-mail used or blocked by a firewall or filter)
b. Used by an unauthorized user or a minor purchasing the items.
c. Failed to print or access your E mails due to technical reasons
d. Not having a printer a  smart phone to show you voucher at the purchase point
Note the following:
Any coupon cannot be functioned as a stored-value card and cannot be redeemed accordingly.
Cannot exchange or redeemed coupon/voucher/ticket for cash/cheque/gift voucher.
You cannot use vouchers with any other combined discounted vouchers or deals offered by the same vendor or else the vendor offers specific deals direct to you.
Neither coupon/voucher/ticket nor the provider/Find a lion will be responsible for lost or stolen or fraudulent use of the voucher’s unique reference number. It is your responsibilities to safe guard your purchased items.
Instances where Find a lion may accepts any responsibilities;
Issued voucher includes a product that is totally different to what you have purchased (this could be a technical issue from our site or the originator)
If the website gets stuck or failed to deliver the right ticket to your designated E-mail address in a reasonable period of time
Complaints Refunds further explanations
Find a lion will interfere if there is a genuine complaint to what the products advertised/sold. You need to bring this to our attention as soon as possible in order to investigate with the specific provider/seller. You must take note that Find a lion is not legally liable to you, in relation to any claim you may have against a provider whose goods or services have been promoted through the website.  Find a lion endeavours to satisfactorily resolve any disputes/conflicts you may have with any such provider when using our services to transact. WE WILL ALLOW REFUNDS AND ASSIST ALL CUSTOMERS IF THERE IS A GENUINE COMPLAINT
Cancellations procedures
Only cancellations are available through your direct purchases only. If you have any issues not showing up or using the purchased items you must contact the provider As Soon As Possible. If you request for a refund or transfer and if it gets denied or rejected, we cannot assist your request at any given time. 
You need to know all items offered on this site are subject to availability only (during the time of availability and during the times you can go and get the products).
Cancellation fee may be applicable at any given time if the provider accepts your cancellation. 
No one (Find a lion/provider/originator) will be responsible if you miss out on your coupon’s expiry date. 
Sellers/Providers reserve the right to reschedule/void your booking due to unforeseen circumstances and during these instances they will have to refund your money in full except the payment gateway charges (booking fee). 
Additionally, we will NOT reimburse your traveling/frustration seeking medical attention/accommodation required or any other related damages caused due to the providers/sellers not being able to provide what they offered from our website.
For advertisers
Selected advertisements cane be taken down, rejected or cancelled due to the following; 
Find a lion will reject, refuse and cancel any material advertised containing pornographic, racist or illegal content. These materials (Illegal, pornography & racist) will be decided by the preference of Find a lion admin. If a particular advertisement gets rejected to appear on Find a lion, we are not abided to provide you with a explanation. It well may as be one or more reasons relating to above in conjunction with the rest of our terms and condition.
If at any given time if we received more than five ads from a one business, we have the rights to reject or release them at a phase that is authorized by us.  
Free advertising for businesses will be rejected, if your business belongs to our previously selected businesses to join find a lion and you have not accepted the offer. Unfortunately, this is an internal decision we have made. However, if you wish to come on board you still can and we will offer you a very competitive rate to come join find a lion.
Find a lion functions in full compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. Anyone using find a lion for any purpose should also comply with the above. If we noticed you have violated (sent spam or performed any unsolicited promotional material) the above any given time, your account will be deactivated. Access to find a lion will be completely prohibited. 
Free advertising under business section for limited time only  
What you get:
•             Free space to up load your business details 
•             Free space to upload images
•             Free Google map location of your business (your own location for others to find you )
•             Allows visitors to write reviews about your businesses (we allow only constructive criticisms- we monitor all reviews)
•             In return, the more the reviews you get; your business will automatically be updated among the top businesses section (top right hand corner of find a lion). Alternatively, you can pay for specific advertising such as top banner (package) left banner or right banner (see our constantly updating membership section). Advertising costs will change/ fluctuate constantly subject to market trends.   . 
We also reward users/visitors to write reviews about the services and products (ie $10.00 Itunes card or 50% off restaurant vouchers or 30% off your next car service)        
Extra functions available: E- mail a friend/send e- mail direct to the business/report listing/book mark and share. (See below attached screen shots for further details).
All registered will be part of our free on line newsletter circulation. This newsletter will include top blogs/ deals/tardes/coupons.        
What happens if you decide to change mind after purchasing any goods and return to us:
We simply do NOT refund any money just because they don’t match your expectations or you changed your mind on the goods purchased.
At this stage we don’t have any other alternative in regards to issuing you with store credit or find a lion credit. However, we don’t want you be disappointed so we will try our very best to honour your participation at find a lion by offering you a discounted restaurant, accommodation and travel voucher (from our selected specials list). In return, you must write truthful review on find a lion. 
If you inform us at the time of the delivery that you have changed your mind and the goods are UNTOUCHED/STILL IN PACKAGED condition, then we will negotiate and try our very best to reach a favourable solution for both parties ( you may need to bear deliver costs as well as on line banking fees).If we decide to accept liability and offer you a refund the product must be returned in the same similar manner it was delivered to you.
We will honour and follow Australian Government regulations when it comes to protecting on line users security and please refer to the following link for more information

Events terms and conditions

1. Introduction
We have set out some very simple terms and conditions to protect your interest and ours. These Terms set out the rights and obligations of all users (“you”/”organizer ”“user”/” our”/”we”) in relation to your use of events section @ find a lion. These same events are also advertised on other websites including our various top-level domains, sub-domains links, which are already connected to other social media. 
When you register as an Event Organiser and/or an Event Attendee (user) you may also be required to abide by our Organiser Terms & conditions. If you do not agree to the Terms or the Privacy Statements please refrain from using find a lion Website.
We may change/revise Terms and information contained on find a lion website at any time and without notice. Each time you logged in and using find a lion website you will be bound by the then current Terms and our Privacy Statement. Additionally, you should review these each time you access find a lion for your own safety / protecting your interest
2. Definitions
In these Terms the following terms shall have the meanings set out below:
2.1 “Events” prepared/organised by or by the originator (Event organizer) of the particular event posted on our site.
2.2 “Event Organiser” a user who uses our space on find a lion to promote an event/program/activities.
2.3 “Event Attendee or user /surfer” all general public who will attend or intend to attend the event posted by or by the Organiser.
3. Information about Us
Please read our privacy statement if you require further information about us and how all works “Privacy statement” .Contact us on 
4. ( usability/access online.
Selling/buying tickets permitted on a temporary basis, we reserve the right to amend or withdraw the services we provide without notice. We accept no liability if for any reason find a lion website’s unavailability and accessibility during any given time.
Any security information/codes/usernames passwords created, used in accordance with our site’s promotional activities are at your risk at any given time. It’s your duty to secure the above codes/passwords provided at utmost confidence. This information cannot be shared with third party. If you fail to comply with the above, we will disable all provided security Code/username password, at any time at our sole discretion. We may charge you or your organization for time/legal/ admin associated with it. 
 We may change or restrict usability/access to certain persons or groups without notice at any given time.
The organizer’s should comply and abide by the items (tickets) being advertised and sold at It is your responsibility to advertise correct information at any given time.  Ticket’s own terms and conditions should be well stated and briefed to all “users”. We will not be responsible or liable for any damages caused due to any misrepresentation. 
5. Protecting your property 
 Find a lion owns exclusive rights to what is being advertised and promoted. 
All events that you post at find a lion, will have international, permanent, free to use, imitate, distribute, interpret such material in any media (Facebook, twitter, MySpace, Blogger, Flicker, You tube, RSS). This will provide you with more publicity for your events with exclusive rights. 
The organizers MUST NOT COPY digital copies of any materials you have printed off or downloaded in any way, and you must not use any pictures, illustrations, video or audio sequences or any graphics to promote for your events ( talk to us we can assist you create your own image with your own exclusive rights).
Please visit online safety for your own protection 
6. Fees and charges
Our fees and charges are subject to change at any given time. At this point in time we are NOT charging any event to be promoted at (subject to change). We take only a percentage of the tickets being sold at a very reasonable cost and this agreement can/will be changed accordingly during negotiations (sign separate individually assigned contract). Every event will be issued with its own dedicated contract it will be negotiated with individual terms for selling tickets-coupons, method of payment, date of funds transfer & designated dates to end the contract.
Appropriate fees/charges must be taken into consideration by the organizers and have our terms and conditions checked at all times. Tickets being refunded to the users may attract the third party (bank/payment gateway) costs.
These changes if there any; should be taken into consideration and should be agreed to refund with the charges.
We will not charge any admin fee on processing a refund of tickets due to shows being cancelled. We canot void or refund admin fees and charges applied by the banks and payment gatways. This is out of our league and these charges are very small amounts but you need to take it to consideration.
6.1 Price
Your ticket and your price is you own responsibility. You can have it on line for a cheaper price and sell differently for another price. This is totally up to you but we certainly can assist you to have the event marketed for a greater audience for a reasonable rate. 
7. Minors using find a lion: 
Minors under the age of 16 are subject to the consent of their parents/ guardians. We will not be responsible for minors using our site without their parents/guardians permission. If found using/misusing; our legal team will force appropriate charges to recover our costs accordingly. This also may attract the cost/charges of our legal team being forwarded to the parents/guardians of the actual minors who are responsible for the acts being performed. It is parents/guardians of the minors’ responsibility to permit/restrict children’s use of the Internet and it is important that they communicate with their own children’s online usage.
Accordingly, we take no responsibility for the actual identity of any User/Minor. Parents/ guardians are solely accountable for authenticating the actual identity of the users.
8. Subsequent changes at Find a lion Website:
We update find a lion Website often, and may/will change the content at any time. If the need for change arises, we may stop access to Find a lion Website, or close some or all of them entirely. Any of the content on Find a lion Website may be out of date at any given time, and we are under no obligation to update such content.
9. Liability –please read the following;  
9.1 The content shown on Events banner on Find a lion Website has no guarantees, conditions as to its’ correctness.
9.2 The other websites involved in promoting the event;  (DrivebyMushrooms/Facebook/Twitter/Blogger/You tube/Flicker and many more socila media networks) in conjunction with promoting the same event and at any given time will not accept any responsibility or liability for its content or material as stated in 9.1 content (above):
9.2.1 All terms and conditions of find a lion will be associated with government abided warranties and other terms which might be implied by common law;
9.2.2 Every liability for loss or damage incurred by any User in connection with the use, inability to use, or results of the use of Find a lion, any websites linked to them and any content posted/promoted on them; will not be covered or taken responsibility. 
9.3 Revenue lost /Business lost /Contract abolished /losing Savings/Anticipated revenue lost /material data in terms of hard or softcopies lost or damaged /admin time and cost will not be covered or responsible by find a lion due to an unavoidable circumstances by the originators .
10. You (organizers) and your visits (“users”) to Find a lion Websites
Read our Privacy statement in accordance with the information on this statement. Information being gathered from you and the users are used and kept in secure locations. We will do our very best to inform you of any changes. By using Find a lion Websites, you guarantee that all information supplied by you is precise and that you take full responsibility of it. The individuals (users or the organizers) will be held liable for any issue arise accordance with information provided or presented during breach of this agreement.
11. Promoting and uploading content Find a lion Websites
Using our services only allows you to promote accordance with what we have offered on site: please see the following content (you must follow strict guidelines as listed).
  • Accurate (where they state facts & figures);
  • Comply and adhere with our main site terms and conditions (add link) produce or depict only the true product and this products or services will not harm or damage/raise issues with certain groups or individuals
  • You must take into account and take own responsibility when promoting content; that the content will cover any patent, copyright, database right, trade mark or other intellectual property right of any other person;
12. Failure to comply with the above will result in the following matters
  • Your account in accordance with the contract held/signed will be blocked or suspended until further investigations performed and will be deleted and restricted access form using our sites.
  • We will not publish/post/promote events or programs exist with affected accounts
  • Legal proceedings against affected accounts/organisers/users will be liable for reimbursement of all costs on an indemnity basis all legal costs resulting from the breach of our terms and conditions.
  • May introduce further legal action against you.
  • We will also information relevant law enforcement authorities to take action against the individuals associated with the breach of terms and conditions.
  • In the event of discovering your identity being used or being allowed to be used by a third party for fraudulent activities including the miss use our services will prompt us to take action against you.  The organizer should be well aware of intellectual property rights when promoting any event or program. If found advertising material have gone against artists permission or their rights will prompt us to go with our legal team to press charges against you.  All cost of proceedings will forward to you and you will accept them. On the other hand we will not be responsible to third party affected. 
13. Refer to our main site’s Terms and conditions for Viruses (place link), hacking and other offences/Restricted uses/Abuse/ threat or being bullied- by the use of our “Word on the street” )
14. When linking direct to you own website whilst being promoted on Find a lion:
Organisers can link your content after loading your event/promote directly from our homepage/Events but you must adhere that you will not provide or link anything against what stated on 12/13 of our terms and conditions. You will exclusively provide your content that is fair and legal and does not damage our reputation or take advantage of it; you also must not establish a link in such a way as to suggest any form of group/association/individual, approval or endorsement on our part where none exists or provoke any violence or hatred. You must not link from any 
website that is not owned by you- without taking exclusive rights. You must not link same Event link to any
15. Find a lion -on line terms of sale (terms and conditions)
All tickets sold through Find a lion covered by sole responsibility of the “event organizer” or the particular “events seller”. Find a lion acts as only the sole agent ONLY.
Find a lion will have no liability to its “users” all claims belongs to the sole responsibility of the “event organizer” to the level of authorized by law.
1 All “users” must take note and understand that all terms and conditions set out here is to protect everyone’s interest. Please take your time to read and understand the following so that you are fully aware;
2. The tickets being brought through find a lion should not be re sold to any other third party. If found a maximum amount of penalties could be applicable.
3. Any form of video tape/photos/recording equipment is not allowed unless a change of conditions given at the entry doors of the particular event that you are attending.
4. Please note that Find a Lion will not provide a refund/exchange on any ticket sold/being brought unless if it is a prerequisite by law or on the other hand specified by the “event organizer”. In simple terms, if there’s refund allowed by the “event organizers”  the refund will be; then again as per a pre requisite of law, retain any fee it has charged.
5. However, if show gets completely cancelled without a reschedule then organizers of the vent are obliged to provide you with valid reason, which may well can proceed with refund except the booking fee(on line transaction).
Please note all events got rights to do the following;
5.1 Add new activities
5.2 Add new stars/band/individuals to any show
5.3 To change/reschedule or even to withdraw
5.4 Substitute artists/bands/individuals
5.5 Advertise in different shape or form of the program to the original with difference of price to the tickets to any given time.
5.6 Advertise a different venue, due unavoidable circumstances.
5.7 Number of the attendees and seating can be changed without prior notice due to unavoidable circumstances.
5.8 There can be a fee to replace lost or stolen tickets
6.0. Entry admissions to the particular event or to its venue must be adhered to the “events” reserved rights (dress code/carry id/tickets). All relevant information in regards to a particular venue or event can be requested and acquired through us (contact us). Please note we cannot interfere with the event itself; if you be late or missed out when given a particular time of entry, you may need to cooperate with event organizers or the entry staff to get yourself in to the event.
7.0 Entry to an event could be refused due to following reason:
7.01 Damaged tickets
7.02 Tickets without a valid bar code or ref- Numbers
7.03 If found that you using a fraudulent ticket
7.04 Tickets resold or shared to a third party without prior consent from Find a lion( ticket bearer should be the same person who booked the tickets and should have same names on the tickets with matching barcodes).
7.05 If the ticket bearer  not dressed properly adhering to the dress code/showing rude-vulgar behaviour/caring any sort of weapon/under the influence of alcohol-uncontrollable nature in view to causing problems during the event.
  If you have any accessibility issues or problems, please contact us at or
Thank you and happy surfing!
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